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Spherical Sculptures by Nick Sayers

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Kazuhiro Yamanaka

“Designers should contemplate the void that surrounds objects, the space between objects, and the relation between those objects. I believe furniture - chairs, tables, lights etc. - could be like a constellation of stars, and we could make lines to connect them three-dimensionally and thereby construct a specific story, As a designer, I believe it is a task to create the stories. To realize the concept effectively, I try to create a maximum impact with minimum use of material.”

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Artist Tim Delger

Tim Delger was raised in Texas. The son of an engineer and an artist, it’s only fitting Tim would create works of art that are both functional and sculptural.

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Arthur Mole’s Extraordinary Mass Photograph via designyoutrust

Almost a century ago and without the aid of any pixel-generating computer software, the itinerant photographer Arthur Mole (1889-1983) used his 11 x 14-inch view camera to stage a series of extraordinary mass photographic spectacles that choreographed living bodies into symbolic formations of religious and national community. In these mass ornaments, thousands of military troops and other groups were arranged artfully to form American patriotic symbols, emblems, and military insignia visible from a bird’s eye perspective. During World War I, these military formations came to serve as rallying points to support American involvement in the war and to ward off isolationist tendencies.

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by Arcadebox 

“Tomoka is the legendary schooner Captain Bill McCoy used for rum-running, also known as bootlegging, during the time of prohibition. Tomoka was one of the most famous rum-runners and as McCoy became famous for never watering his booze and only selling top brands, Tomoka is often associated with the term “The Real McCoy”. The bottle label tells the story of Captain McCoy and the inspiration behind Tomoka.”

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Arnaud Loumeau,

  1. Happy Trip
  2. Golana
  3. Cccercle
  4. Raise to the Square

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Your Mobile Expectations by Olafur Eliasson. 

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